Why Shariah University?

Why Shariah Online University?

  1. Pre-recorded sessions including live sessions with highly reputed instructors including Mufti Ebrahim Desai
  2. Weekly open office hours by instructors for students seeking answers/clarification
  3. Signed certificate (Ijaaah) upon completion of the Shariah Scholar Programme by Shariah Panel of Muftis which allows admission to select Islamic Studies MA Programmes
  4. Continuous assessment of students via exams, quizzes, worksheets and live assessment by instructors
  5. Free e-materials, handbooks, textbooks, worksheets and presentations
  6. Get real access to reputable distinguished traditional expert scholars
  7. Live one on one access to Mufti Ebrahim Desai in virtual environment to answer all your questions

How Does It Work?

Each course is held over one/two hour live sessions per week. All sessions are pre-recorded and available to students.

All course materials are provided in electronic format to students.

Classes are interactive. Teachers communicate with students by real time audio lecture and students respond in real time through a chat box which appears on each student’s screen. This allows the teacher to question students individually to personalize the learning environment, making the learning process simple and fun.

For each class, course materials are visible on the student’s screen. Teachers have the ability to point to relevant parts of the text and even write notes on the screen. Thus, students are able to hear the teacher, see the book on their screen, and follow the lesson.