Zakaat Essentials


A practical course that teaches you to pay your zakat properly.
Learn how to deal with different commonly met-with modern financial scenarios while paying zakat.
Study contemporary and modern applications of Zakaat.
Learn only the most applicable, essential fiqh-rulings related to zakat.
A minimal time-commitment course designed for every adult or working Muslim.

About the Course

This course focuses on helping you ensure you pay your zakat correctly. From the basics of when zakat becomes due, to the types of wealth subject to zakat, questions of pre-payment and deferment, the relationship between taxes and zakat, to zakat on haram earnings or wealth – the focus is an entirely practical application of the fiqh of zakat to the modern financial context. Students shall learn the essential rulings most relevant to the possible financial questions you may face while paying your zakat. The course shall use a number of contemporary applications and scenarios to ensure students have firmly grasped the principles behind paying zakat correctly in different financial situations.

Course Format

This course shall consist of four live classes over the course of Ramadan, meeting once a week. The live classes will be led by leading experts, and shall be supplemented with course-slides and discussion of practical examples from real-life scenarios. The course shall not have any graded quizzes or exams. The teacher will hold weekly office hours where students can consult with him one-on-one. Students are highly encouraged to post their questions in the discussion forum over the course of the week, which are answered during the live classes.

Weekly Time Commitment

The course requires an estimated hour per week outside the live session to review the material and take notes. This course consists of 8 one hour weekly sessions.

Suggested Readings

There is no course text – all the material shall be presented in the live classes.

Recommended Background

The course has no pre-requisites. Everyone is welcome!


Why is this course absolutely essential for every adult Muslim?

Zakat is an obligation that becomes due as soon as an adult’s wealth reaches the nisab. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. Being a foundation-stone of the basic covenant of our religion, knowing the ins and outs of how to pay your zakat in the modern financial world is therefore an absolute necessity for every ‘legally responsible’ Muslim.

How shall this course practically benefit me?

The entire focus of this course is practical. Do I need to pay zakat on my share-holdings? How do I calculate zakat on trade-goods? What about the relationship between zakat and taxes? Do I pay zakat on pre-tax or post-tax wealth? Can I defer zakat payments or pay in advance? What about loans? What can I do if I come into possession of wealth that is of questionable legality, and do I pay zakat on it? Find out the answers to these questions and more, and ensure you put your zakat calculations on a firm-footing.

What is the fee for the course?

Free if you register before 15 May 2019. 


                             A special live weekly question and answer session with Mufti Ebrahim Desai will be held for all registrants of this course who will also receive a certificate of completion.