Shariah Courses

Gardens of the Righteous


      120$ until end of November 2018 and then $150 Per Month thereafter.

Islamic Finance


Arabic Intensive


Comprehensive and intensive course proven to take you from beginner level to professional level in reading, understanding and speaking the…



This course takes you from a low level of proficiency in Tajweed to a high level of proficiency with personal…

Majallah al-Ahkaam al-Adliyyah

Majallah al-Ahkaam al-Adliyyah

An Explanation of the Ottoman Courts Manual At-A-Glance Learn the contemporary application of Hanafi Fiqh in the Ottoman Courts Learn…

Quduri’s Manual Explained


Read a Classical Manual of Islamic Law and cover the fiqh of mu’amalat or dealings in everyday life. This book…

The Light of Elucidation (Nurul Eeedah)

Nurul Eedah

The Light of Elucidation (Nurul Eeedah) – A detailed Hanafi Fiqh Manual At-A-Glance Learn the basic fiqh of worship that…

Zakaat Essentials


At-A-Glance A practical course that teaches you to pay your zakat properly. Learn how to deal with different commonly met-with…